Cline Family Foundation Scholarship

The HACC Foundation shall give consideration to students meeting the following criteria:

1. Students must be enrolled in HACC’s Mechatronics Program.
2. Students must attend HACC’s Gettysburg Campus for the majority of courses.
3. Students must demonstrate academic merit by having a cumulative high school or HACC minimum GPA of 3.0 upon application for the scholarship.
4. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 while enrolled at HACC.
5. Students must have unmet financial need.

Please note, this scholarship will automatically renew each term for up to four consecutive terms if the selected student(s) maintain eligibility.

$2,000 for full-time, $1,000 for part-time
Employee, Full-time Student (12 credits per term), Gettysburg Campus, Mechatronics, New Student, Part-time Student (at least 6 credits per term), Unmet Financial Need